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The Suzan

July 27, 2010

If you missed them at this years SXSW (all the rage) no worries… The all girl group The Suzan are getting ready to release their full length album on Fools Gold this coming September! I never made it out to SXSW but I do love all things Japanese so I was happy to find this foursom. At first glance you may be thinking 567&8′s but if you do then your a bit off. Definitely made to please, these chicks play fun bubbly garagy pop. OK wait, so yeah they are kinda like the 567&8’s but you gotta throw in some Delta 5 and or maybe sprinkle in The Slits? Point is they’re good. Isn’t that all you need? All I hope for is that the folks at Fools Gold don’t try and make them something they are not. But something about their top 28 friends on their myspace page could perhaps tell another story. Hopefully I’m wrong.


The Suzan – Home

From the up-coming full length 7″ Golden Week for the Poco Poco Beat (Fools Gold)

Live @ SXSW

Posted by Moshe

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