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Discossession Does Linda Di Franko

July 23, 2010

Released last year on Japanese imprint Crue-L Records, cosmic disco outfit Discossession’s T.V. Scene feat. Rie Lambdoll is a modernized interpretation of Linda Di Franko’s 1985 ultra rare classic. The LP includes 3 versions: an original mix, a Soft Rocks remix and lastly, a second Discossession version titled “Celestial Forest Mix”(which is actually 2 songs weaved together).

Brighton U.K. production, remix & edit team Soft Rocks offer up, for me, the main attraction. It’s a slightly more raw and funked up take on the original and features an additional chorus by the now legendary disco singer-songwriter Kathy Diamond, who you may know via her collaborations with some of the best nu dance music producers around, including Maurice Fulton (one of my all time favorite producers), Aeroplane, Permanent Vacation & Nick Chacona.

The B-Side contains the “Celestial Forest Mix” which is basically a alternate-extended mix of the original. In this version Discossession members dj CHEE Shimizuis, DR.NISHIMURA, ZECKY & JONNY NASH turn the original mix into an even more blissed out affair that seamlessly morphs into another work, the epic Manuel Gottsching inspired finale, Arianna Suite.

The original late 80’s soft cheese video:


Discossession Feat. Rie Lambdoll- TV Scene (Soft Rocks Remix)

Discossession- TV Scene (Celestial Forest Mix) + Arianna Suite

The original Don Was(of WasNotWas) production:

Linda Di Franko- TV Scene

Posted by Edwin

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  1. tim permalink
    July 25, 2010 6:30 pm

    rad vid! nice to see that you sorted those remixes out… i think i got confused somewhere about which one is which.

    if you’re into discossesion, i would recommend checking out a new release on the label esp institute. there is a cd out of remixes and edits and a couple twelve inches that contain a selection of jams from the cd. chee and jonny nash are involved, along with a slew of super classy underground dj’s. peep that here:

    cool blog btw

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