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A Chat With Class Actress

July 22, 2010

Spin, Bust, Nylon, XLR8R, and RCRD LBL all approve of Brooklyn’s Class Actress and so does Nightdrive. We’ve been fans since Journal of Ardency came out a few months ago are definitely looking forward to any new releases. They’ve been described as having a synthy 80s sound reminiscent of old cassette recordings. However, the most adequate description I found online read: “Unabashedly slick electro-pop beats juxtaposed with coy, romantically depressed vocals”

Elizabeth Harper, Class Actress’ leading lady gives NIGHTDRIVE a bit more insight on the band:

ND: How did you all meet and get started as Class Actress?

CA: I rolled out of bed totally hungover and the name just hit me. The double SS’s, my life up to this point. Mark and Scott are both old friends.  They are both great producers and musicians and it just made sense to make music and play together.  I met mark at a show I was playing opening up for his sister Juliet (he was playing bass guitar) and Scott I met a guitar store.  Now we all play synths. Go figure.

ND: If you could choose to play live with any musician (dead or alive) who would it be?

CA: Martin Gore, Erik Satie, Prince.

ND: How would you describe the electronic music scene in Brooklyn? Pretend you’re describing this to someone in a small remote tribe.

CA: There are a group of very excited people who just want to bring joy and dancing to the people. They are friends and help each other.

ND: Paint us a picture of your recording space. What gear do you use? Software? Toys?

CA: The space is in my Apt which you can see in the girl crisis videos on youtube, the adolescent heart video, and Dossier magazine… sometimes I feel like I live in a movie set.  Our recording space is off to the side in an alcove and its full of keyboards… so many keyboards.

ND: What band have you had the best time on tour with so far and why?

CA: I would say neon Indian and Little Boots. LB cause Vic is just cool and witty as hell.  Alan is a friend from BK and we got to play in my beloved So. Cal. But my favorite show was with the xx.  The band is delightful, pure charm.


Class Actress – Journal of Ardency (alt link)

Class Actress – Someone Real (alt link)


CANT – Ghosts (Class Actress Remix) (alt link)

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