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July 21, 2010

“Enter Moullinex, Munich-based Luis Clara Gomes. Originally from Viseu, a small countryside town in Portugal, he was surrounded by music and musicians during childhood and since an early age has been solely dedicated to the pursuit of eclecticism throughout his work, refusing to adhere to a specific genre or scene and forever be tagged with a dated aesthetic.”

You guys may know this guy from his Nu Disco style Cut Copy or Sebastien Tellier remixes? Or maybe from his Cicada, Whomadewho, When Saints Go Machine, or Two Door Cinema Club remixes? Luis has clearly collaborated with various seasoned artists and labels (Discotexas, Kitsune, Modular, Gomma, and Compost) and he’s recently put a band together to spice up his live shows. Check it out:

“We’ve set up a 4-piece band – you know, with humans playing the parts. Luis Calçada on Electric Bass, Bruno Cardoso on guitar, Hermann Bauerecker on percussions and flute, and yours truly on the live mixer, synths, a bunch of toys and other gizmos. It’s been a lot of work, love, and fun to prepare it, so we hope you enjoy watching it as much we did getting it together and playing it now.”

By the way, he added another L to his name as to not get sued by the French small household appliance company.

Fun stuff:

Moullinex – 1stracklove (alt link)

Moullinex – Superman (Munk And Rodion Remix) (alt link)

Telonius – Disco-Tec (Moullinex Remix) (alt link)

Pineapples – Come On Closer (Moullinex Remix) (alt link)

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  1. WEAPONARTIST permalink
    July 25, 2010 8:36 pm

    would be great to have them play miami! like that first one.. love


  1. Telonius and Moullinex « Raving Loony Records

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