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July 18, 2010

20 year old Nathan Broaddus has come up with perfect Sunday afternoon music and the name of his musical act, Evenings couldn’t be more descriptive of the sound. He says he recorded and produced everything from his dorm room at UVA last winter (hence the name of his EP North Dorm).

Hope your grades are OK buddy 😉

Evenings tells NIGHTDRIVE what he’s up to:

I began recording little pieces of songs to my laptop after classes. I kept working on them, and I put ‘North Dorm’ up for free download on June 28 th this summer. Lately I’ve been working on some new stuff: a track for a compilation that’s going out at the end of the month, a remix, and two new songs for a 7-inch on a label are also in the works for the fall. I’m trying to stay busy.  My friend Zak Krone and I have just started getting ready to play some shows.  I’m not sure about any real touring yet because once summer ends, we’ll both be back at UVA.  But, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of shows outside of Virginia here and there.  I’d love for you guys to show us around Miami real soon.




North Dorm EP

Evenings – Babe (Prizes remix) (alt link)

RxRy – Thunder/Language (Evenings Remix) (alt link)

Evenings – Babe Video


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