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I’m In You

July 16, 2010

I’m in You (Mean Records) conjure up a dark, dense and hypnotic rush of tension and release strands of post, psych rock, and primitive disco. Band members Chris McHenry, Dmitry Ishenko, Sebastian Ischer have a revolving cast of guest musicians and a choir of teenage girls that help contribute to their “minimalist rhythms” (MMHMMM).  They released their first LP, the darker disco album War Dreams, in 2008, which caught the attention of Interpol’s Paul Banks. He then invited the band to be the opening act on his month long US/Europe tour for his solo project Julian Plenti in the fall of 2009. Their 2nd full length, self titled, record is set to drop August 2 and was recorded at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge Studios by Charles Burst and Patrick McCarthy (Julian Plenti, Ted Leo, New Pornographers).

“Brooklyns I’m In You augments it’s funky, urgent post-punk with striking horn arrangements.” – TIME OUT NY


I’m In You – The Rules

I’m In You – Good Kid

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