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Ikons Interview + Exclusive Remix

July 15, 2010

Judging from the picture above, Ikons is the best looking band off the Service label from Sweden ( Service has been home to Jens Lekman, The Tough Alliance, Whitest Boy Alive, The Embassy, and Studio (amongst others). However, Ikons is a little darker, more indie rockish, and somewhat more psychedelic than the rest. I personally like to listen to these guys after driving for hours. There’s about seven dudes in the group and they work closely with other Swedish acts off and on the same lable. The band has broken up in the past and regrouped with different members, but they still claim to have preserved a similar musical dynamic. Their most current release (a self titled full lenth) came out a few months ago and now they seem to be going throught the remix phase.

Service got us in touch with the nice Gothenburg folks and they were kind enough to share a few words with NIGHTDRIVE. (Along with the LASTEST SERVICE RELEASE! )

ND: How do you define an Ikon?

IKONS:  One definition would be the transportation between the human and the divine, most traditionally used in orthodox christianity.

ND: What’s the biggest show you ever played? Smallest? Which did you prefer and why?

IKONS:  Biggest was this summer at the ”Pop Dakar” in Stockholm, about 800 people and good fun. Smallest, ”Garage” in Oslo was about 80 people. I Like both, in Oslo everybody stood still and no one left the room, very intimate.

ND: What record labels have you grown up on? Which do you still follow?

IKONS: Geffen, Factory, Service, Rough Trade, Sarah. Woodsist, Release the bats, iDEAL, Information, Celebrity Lifestyle.

ND: Tell us a little about the creative process behind your music? Who does what?

IKONS: Some tend to make a lot of music, and some tend to think very much, all together theres some action, guess you could say musically, philosophically and ideologically.

ND:  Where do you guys see yourselves 5 years from now? Who would you liked to have worked with by then?

IKONS:You always want to progress creatively. Hopefully we have done that even more in another five years.

ND:  Just for shits and giggles – favorite meal?


ND: Gamey.



Ikons – Honey (Coyote Remix) (alt link)


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