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Silicon Soul

July 11, 2010

“Ohio Theatre, SoHo, New York City, February 1981, a suddenly zealous crowd; it’s dancing room only.  The electronic music group Silicon Soul pushes the limits of pop music one dance step further by introducing a new sound in polyrhythmic electronic music to club culture long before the genres of “techno” and “electronica” are established.

The music of Silicon Soul is familiar to the international fans of the recording Who Needs Sleep Tonight (B. B. Tech). Officially released in the United States that night in 1981, the song found its audience in such diverse locales as the new wave dance clubs of New York City and the underground gay discos in country music’s capital Nashville, Tennessee.  It was not until 1991 that the song became a European dance chart topper and dance club anthem when it was again released (this time coupled with a DJ Hell remix) by Munich upstart Peter Wacha on his then new record label Disko B.

At an imaginary point in time and space where Giorgio Moroder and Afrika Bambaataa meet Lena Lovich, Silicon Soul was conceived. Its founding members Dr. O. Zone and Jolly III continue today as leaders of a band of silicon-based music machines.”

Silicon Soul – Who Needs Sleep Tonight [Extended Mix] (alt link)

Silicon Soul – Woman’s Work (alt link)

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