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Introducing Entresol

July 11, 2010

Once in a while a really great new electronic band emerges from South Florida, this time around the newbie is Entresol.  Their cassette tape sound combines many of the genres we’ve been hearing lately: tropical disco, chill wave, even good ol’ electro pop. They were one of the top ten remix contest winners for  Caribou’s “Sun” and their original tracks are just as neat 😉  I’m personally very excited about these guys.


Here’s a little background info:

Entresol its an Electronic project out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL (originally South American) consisting of Eduardo Rivadeneira and Camilo Velez. Being good friends and playing in a couple of bands for more than 7 years, they have finally acquired an essence in dance music- something that they always were very interested about in their creation and composition. Both have gone through music studies and some recording experience that have got them where they are now.

The sound is coming and the songs are being recorded. Live sets are being practiced and remixes getting done. their setup including, a good variety of drum machines, analog synthesizers, compressors, effects and any other old instruments and machines they get their hands on, lets them strife for an old sound, 80s related with new touches and well performed in a live situation. They believe in actual equipment being run live, manipulated in differently ways to achieve a dance party. Already with some tracks, remixes, and an EP on the way, they are ready to show Miami and the electronic scene what can be done with a good amount of equipment and creativity.

OK so writing autobiographies is not their forte, but it’s nice hearing it straight from the band!


NIGHTDRIVE is happy to invite them to Bar for their first show ever! So if you like what you hear show some love and come see Entresol live at BLACK BAR on Tuesday July 20th. (28 NE 14th St)


Caribou – Sun (Entresol remix) (alt Link)

Entresol – Endless Urbia C (alt Link)

Entresol – Unarmed Beat (alt Link)


Analog Taste EP


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