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The Temper Trap

July 9, 2010

Alright their are two things I love (besides my girl) that are huge in my life. Music and riding my Bike! So this is my excuse to finally combine the two… First is The Temper Trap (Glassnote) – Four lads from Melbourne, Australia making the kind of music you find yourself, which ever you’d prefer, road tripping to or gearing up and setting out on your newly bought saddle (video reference below). Like always, everyone has different tastes so more power to you if you like what you hear. Definitely epic in their sound (big sound), some might say a bit commercial, but non the less, showing promise. They have just announced a U.S. Tour so if you want to keep an eye out, consider this your heads up.

Pfffffttt, now here’s my excuse for writing this in the first place. The other day while checking out one of the best Fixed Gear blogs on the net (Prolly is not Probably) I found this little video put out by the RatsKL crew over in Kuala Lumpur. Beautifully shot in the city of Putrajaya, as the Prolly blog states – “it must be the smooth streets”. If you ride a bike then you know the importance of that statement and regardless of what I think about the band overall, 2009’s Sweet Disposition the single used in this video, is a great accompaniment. But you be the judge.


The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

RatsKL Crew – Ride in Putrajaya >>>>

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