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Dan Lissvik Interviewed

July 9, 2010

Some of you may remember Dan Lissvik as one half of the Swedish band Studio, others might recognize the name after hearing his really awesome Fever Ray remix, and perhaps a few know about his album 7 Trx + Intermission. Point is, this guy has done lots of really cool shit.  He collaborated with Fredrik Lindson from The Embassy to form The Crêpes, recorded Taken By Trees‘ new album “East of Eden”,  and remixed artists like The Rubies, This Is Head, and Mock & Toof. He’s an excellent musician, skilled producer/arranger, and overall nice guy.

Nightdrive had a little chat with Dan and here’s what he had to say:

ND:  How did you get into production? How old were you when you decided to make a career out of music?

DL: Besides from being in various bands i guess the thing that really got me interested in recording and producing was when i had the opportunity to do a short jingle for a local Tv station back in 96. Think that was the first time i played and recorded all instruments by myself. That experience stuck somehow.. Not so sure about the career though..

ND: What is your preferred way to distribute your music? Would you rather have your stuff on vinyl, CD, or digital?

DL: I have to say vinyl or direct experience somehow. Isn’t it amazing how many stages (conventionally recorded) sound or music has to go through before vibrating those little hair cells in your inner ear? Guess digital recording and distribution has certainly made that process shorter, especially if its published directly on the web, all for the worst some hi-ends might say..I tend to buy music directly from label driven web shops, on vinyl if possible, that way i can make up for all the illicit downloads I did back in 2001 and support the bottom-up model im so found of.

ND: Are there any good new bands coming out of Sweden we may not have heard about yet on this side of the world?

DL: Probably?

ND: What is your favorite instrument? (to play or listen to)

DL: Stellavox, Studer 961, Binson Pa System

ND: Describe a typical day in the life of D. Lissvik.

DL: Heres my groundhog day: getting up at 07.05, mini-yoga, breakfast, 15 min walk to the studio, coffee, checking e-mails news etc, 08.00 producing or recording something, 11.00 lunch break, 45 min meditation,producing or recording something, coffee break, producing or recording something, 15 min walk home, dinner, stretch, shower, sleep.

…there it is.


D. Lissvik – Practice

This Is Head – 0002 (Dan Lissvik Remix)

Mock & Toof – Shoeshine Boogie (Dan Lissvik Remix)

Rubies – The Keys (Studio Remix)


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