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Danny Daze et al.

July 6, 2010

Danny Daze is Daniel Gomez, a studio nerd and Dj with a taste for Techno. Djing at the Full Moon raves at the age of 13 is how his obsession with this sound was rooted. Raised in Miami, Fl. Daze is influenced by his Cuban culture, thus giving him the latin influence heard in some of his music and Dj sets. With other influences by Giorgio Moroder and Anthony Rother, Daze’s Dj sets are deeply commanded by Detroit Techno and Italo Disco. Being crowned Miami’s Best Dj three times is a feat Daze is proud to have accomplished but makes sure to understand it’s not the cap to his career.

Formed in 2007 by Danny Daze, Joe Maz & Gigamesh, a new alias was molded under the name DiscoTech. First made to expand their young musical rolodex, DiscoTech is now a go-to for major record labels such as Atlantic & Universal for their remixes. This being the side to Daze not many saw coming. Being able to deliver remixes for the commercial ear. From remixes for Donna Summer to Kanye West, DiscoTech is a staple for Djs around the world.

Meanwhile another alias was being created when the group started producing their own original music. Staying true to who they are, “Señor Stereo” was born in 2009 with releases on Ministry of Sound, Kitsune & their first EP titled “Unintentional Ep” on Slow Roast Records. This sound is heavily constructed by arpeggiated disco bass lines and Vangelis influenced synths.

With releases coming out by the minute. Danny Daze is proud to say “real djs don’t have a tan”.

NIGHTDRIVE & Danny Q & A  (about his different projects):

Danny Daze solo:

BAHBAhBahbah (Original) – Danny Daze [STREAM ONLY]

ND: Song sampled?

DD: Sampled an old Mercedita Valdes chant for this.

ND: If you could pick any film or TV scene to sync this track with what would it be?

DD: I can see this track being on a movie based on “Santeria Ravers”. If they don’t exist, they do now!!!


Señor Stereo:

Señor Stereo – Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight ft. Lookbook (Orignal) [FOR DOWNLOAD]

ND: Who is Señor Stereo?

DD: Señor Stereo = Gigamesh, Joe Maz & myself.

ND: What is your contribution?

DD: We all produce and do vocals. This past EP I did a lot of the vocal work just because we had no vocalist to work with …… wink wink (vocalist needed/wanted) contact us at


Danny Daze & David Carvalho:

Dirty Tennessee (Grandpa’s Drunk Version) – Danny Daze & David Carvalho [STREAM ONLY]

ND: How did you and David start working together?

DD: I met David when playing in SF. Just sat down in the studio and started messing around on a groove.

ND: Tell us how you conceived the idea behind this track?

DD: This was simple, we sat down and said “hey let’s make a goofy track”. Harmonica’s are up there on the goofy sounding instrument list. The vibe we were going for was a “house hoedown”.



IMMIA (Miami We Know How To Play) – DiscoTech [FOR DOWNLOAD]

ND: How long have you lived in Miami and why have you decided to make this headquarters?

DD: Been in Miami all my life and love it. Hate the humidity. I travel quite a bit so this a good place to sit back and relax. My neighbors play dominoes at 8am and other neighbors throw random fireworks whenever they feel like it. Miami is definitely a place for inspiration.

ND: DiscoTech has gotten lots of international and national press (BBC, Rolling Stone, URB); do you guys feel you get the same recognition at home? Does Miami know you’re here?

DD: Joe Maz (one of production partners) moved to Miami from Minneapolis in January. His brother (Gigamesh) will soon be moved to Miami sometime in September. I’m not exactly sure if the people in the city know what I/we do. I enjoy keeping it that way as it’s a state of calmness and allows me to focus on making music.

Also check out:

Señor Stereo – Unintentional EP

Danny Daze & David Carvalho – Dirty Tennessee (Beatport – Will be up sometime in the next two weeks.)

Danny Daze – Electric Kingdom Dj Set (808&909 tribute)

Danny Daze & Induce – Disco For Abruzzo Mix

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  1. Jackie Chee Chee permalink
    July 7, 2010 4:35 am

    been following you for a while, you are becoming a miami legend. had work pays off kid, congrats on your success.

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