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Gooddroid Recommends: Mount Kimbie

July 3, 2010

Being my first article for Nightdrive, I decided to choose an album that is near and dear to me, and is so far one of my favorite titles of this year.  Mount Kimbie‘s Crooks and Lovers is absolute perfection.

Described as post-dubstep, Crooks and Lovers is a sonic dream touching on every category within the genre and leaving you stunned.  Mount Kimbie is made up of two musicians, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos.  They have released two critically acclaimed EP’s, Maybes and Sketch On Glass, and have done several remixes of popular indie artists’ songs, including The XX and Foals.  Noted for their odd and entrancing rhythms and bittersweet melodies, Mount Kimbie has made their mark on the dubstep community catching the attention of key figures in the scene, such as Mary Anne Hobbs and the not-so-dubstep Gilles Peterson.

Their sound is that of a shoegazey, dubbed-out heaven.  And honestly, when I die I wouldn’t mind this being the soundtrack as my soul is transported into the unknown.  My favorite tracks are the severely sexual opening track ‘Tunnelvision’, the UK Garage influenced ‘Carbonated’, and the deeply haunting and mesmerizing ‘Ruby’, a definite stand out on the album.  Every track on the album is composed ever so intricately and with such warmth, its bound to leave its imprint on dubstep and electronic music lovers alike.  Compared to the last two EP’s, Crooks and Lovers focuses more on the use of organic sounds, such as the sound of a wind tunnel by the sea that was recorded and used throughout the songs.  It all adds up to produce a very moody and ethereal experience.  The duo reproduces all their material live when on tour, and if all goes as planned they will be in Miami in October for us all to experience together.

To me this is what the future of deep dubstep should be.  Something that can move beyond the dancefloor and strike a chord in your heart.  And if it is, I welcome it with open arms.

Crooks and Lovers is slated for release on July 19th.


Mount Kimbie- Tunnelvision

Foals- Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Mount Kimbie- Sketch On Glass

Mount Kimbie- Field

Mount Kimbie- 50 Mile View

The xx- Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Mount Kimbie- Maybes

Guest Post by Gooddroid

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