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Total Slacker

June 30, 2010

There’s a crazy energy with Brooklyn’s  Total Slacker (Impose) that’s a bit surprising. Not exactly what you’d expect from the first strum of guitar your ears pick out when pressing play. It’s still shoegazy and psychy-surf but with an edge that’s totally RAD dude! Meant in the most sincere way. Another thing about this band that’s totally freakin awesome is their record art (one of those records you’d buy in thrift store just because the cover was AMAZING and expected the best when you got home). Not sure if it’s done by the band or someone close to them but it’s real cool. I’m a total sucker for good, interesting, early 90s California-tinged amazingness. But yeah, let’s just say that the piece of vinyl I bought hasn’t stopped spinning!


Total Slacker – Crystal Necklace (7″ Side A)

Turns out my friends twin brother Jer Robert Paulin did the video for the single ‘Magical Date Night’ filmed at the Mercury Lounge, props to Jer.

Impose Magazine

Impose Records

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