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Ichisan & Nakova: Yugo Disco

June 30, 2010

Ichisan & Nakova‘s music proves there can never be too many types of disco. Feel free to credit these guys for coining the term “Yugo Disco” which seems to be spreading like wild fire in Slovenia, one of the republics of former Yugoslavia. Besides being good friends, DJs, and vinyl collectors Igor and Jure like to compile and record everyday sounds to use in their music. How crafty.

I asked them what’s up and Igor replied:


Our next show is at the Garden festival in Croatia next Saturday:

Upcoming releases >

– Discodromo (Ichisan&Nakova Remix) – Internasjonal Records
– Walter Jones (Ichisan Remix) – Under The Shade
– Ichisan – House Dance Conference EP – Under The Shade
– Few more remixes by Ichisan coming out soon…
– New Ichisan album hopefully sometime next year…

this is it,


Nice and simple. Just how we like it here at Nightdrive


Ichisan & Nakova – Rob Vesolja

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