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Maurice Fulton

June 27, 2010

I’ve been a little obsessed with Maurice Fulton‘s disco remixes over the past few years. He’s reinterpreted so many bands (Hot Chip, SMD….) and always seems to come up with a solid dance floor gem. I was going to rewrite his bio, but I really like the way he describes himself on his myspace page:

Maurice Fulton was born under a crossfire hurricane. (Oh,no he wasn’t.) That was Mick Jagger wasn’t it?) Whatever. Anyway, Maurice Fulton was born somewhere, probably Baltimore, but we’d need to carbon-date him to be sure. Early in his life, Maurice realized he wanted to be a marine biologist. He had the snorkel. He had the flippers. He had some pictures of cute dolphins. (Aww, bless.) Then it all went wrong. He started buying records, thinking they were sub-aquatic aids and before he realised, he was DJing in nightclubs (he was looking for porpoises and took the wrong turning at the bathroom). Since becoming an internationally renowned DJ he has lived everywhere from New York to Australia, London to Sheffield. He presently lives in a croft on the Shetland Isles, where he weaves wool and communes with nature. We like his wool. But not as much as his disco.

Check out his podcast Bubbletease Communications on itunes


Chateau Flight ft. Marie Daulne – Superflight (Maurice Fulton Remix) (alt link)

Ost & Kjex – Have You Seen The Moon In Dallas (Maurice Fulton Remix) (alt link)

Soul Mekanik – Go Upstairs (Maurice Fulton Mix) (alt link)


Hot Chip – Over and Over (Maurice Fulton Remix) (alt link)

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