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Blondes Know Best.

June 25, 2010

Coming from the Northeast, I got an unhealthy dose of jam band craziness.  It seemed that my high school summer soundtracks all consisted of Dave Matthews Band, Phish, O.A.R. mixed with my friends acoustic renditions of the same goddamn Sublime songs played ad nauseam.  Not to be a hater but it got old real quick.

Enter Blondes, the electronic Brooklyn duo whose live performances are completely improvised.  Their instrumentals are more epic than haiku, starting with simple synth work and build layer by layer.  Their breakout track “Moondance” is like a locomotive, barely audible on the horizon before gaining momentum with a chugging backbeat…. then you hop on and enjoy the ride.

So much are these guys dedicated to improvisation that their track “Spanish Fly” is a completely unedited track.  This is honest jam music I can get into.  We have for you today their initial releases along with a new remix of HEALTH‘s “Nice Girls” off the new Disco2 HEALTH remix album.

Check out their Pitchfork interview HERE


HEALTH- Nice Girls (Blondes Rmx) (Alt Link)

Blondes- Moondance (Alt Link)

Blondes- Spanish Fly (Alt Link)

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