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Jimmy Edgar

June 24, 2010

I’ve concluded that Jimmy Edgar is a big perv – his bio even refers to him as hyper-sexed. The guy started his music career at age 18 so he may have skipped some adolescent sexual stage and is making up for it now. He just came out with a new EP titled Hush which is completely overpriced on every website I’ve seen so far (yet to see it on itunes). The video for Hush is straight up bad porn and the EP’s website even requires you to confirm that you’re of age (it’s kinda funny) – hey whatever sells your music. It’s totally cool with me but I just think shock value is overrated. With that said, I’m sure you guys are gonna click on the video link above before you finish reading this paragraph 😉 Anyway, the tracks are good but, in my opinion it doesn’t come close to what Color Strip Warren was back in 2006.

He came to Miami for a show at Churchill’s a few years ago and played some tracks directly off a CDJ. Midway through his “live set” most of the crowd was gone, sucks they all paid a hefty cover for that. There could have been some technical issues but regardless, it was very disappointing – just as much as the price of his music. Almost $4 for 1 mp3 WTF?! Sharing is caring Jimmy! Glass Table’s (label he released Hush under) myspace won’t even let you stream one of their songs for more than a minute and, you can’t preview the full tracks anywhere online without weird audio interruptions. That’s no fun… Bad Jimmy, bad.

Despite being stingy and a perv, the guy is super talented and has released some really good shit throughout the years. I didn’t just post this article to nag on him, I actually enjoy his music very much. I would also like to think his live shows have gotten better by now. He’s from Detroit and represents the D pretty well. I believe he presently lives in Berlin and still produces Detroit Techno (amongst other electronic music sub genres). I also know he’ll be coming back to the homeland in a few months for a US tour.

Here’s Hush, let’s see if he doesn’t mind sharing a couple of tracks with his fans.

Jimmy Edgar – Hush (alt link) **** He minds****

Also – from his Tell It To The Heart EP:

Jimmy Edgar – Seven Mile (Original Mix) (alt link)



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