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A chat with Polygon Palace

June 23, 2010

Last summer we had an influx of amazing Swedish electronic music, this year the spotlight’s on Australia. Polygon Palace from Melbourne is yet another fantastic Aussie band exploding all over the internet. I played their Tokyo Getaway track at the Vagabond a few months ago and was very pleased about people’s reactions – lots of air pumping (in a good way). Adam Ferns & Gabriel Crossan (aka Brian Megamix aka Sturby Reunion 1982 aka Roland Percival) are two very funny guys from what I can gather. They’re not very specific about who does what in the band but according to, Adam does “vocals n stuff” and Gabriel does “other stuff”. Reading that made me happy so I reached out to PP. They responded with:

“Yo Laura,

…We’ve recently finished a remix of Human Life’s In It Together which is all over the net at the mo.  Currently we are finishing mixing our 2nd single and starting to get concepts together for a music video. Aiming to get Europe again next year (I’m from the UK) and do some touring. I noticed you blogged The Emergency, we’ve played with those guys and seen them around here a bit, nice dudes…
Take care,
Adam, you’re a nice dude.

Gabe then wrote back and wanted in on the nightdrive action so we decided a short interview would be fun. Check it out:

ND: What is this time machine business all about and why Tokyo? How does one kick it like a solo?

PP: Ha thats actually a misheard lyric I think, it was ‘kick it like Han Solo’ which is far more believable.
The time machine came from a sign I saw in Tokyo that said Tokyo Teleport Station, I think its actually just a train station but it had me wondering. It seemed almost possible from the other stuff I saw there. I love the strange 80s futurism of some of the older technology out there.

ND: Where would the best place be for a real life polygon palace? (Or is this a reference to something I don’t know about?)
PP: And now I think Tokyo would probably be the best place for a real Polygon Palace, or maybe New York..can it have wings?

ND: Only if you fly it to Miami 😉

ND: I keep finding lots of really fantastic Australian bands, what’s the music scene like over there? How are the scenes different throughout the major cities?

PP: The scene is surprisingly small, lots of bands for the amount of people but everyone seems to know

each other in some capacity. I guess certain age groups interested in certain things all end up heading straight for the cities. Melbourne has a bit of a rep for people not dancing at gigs which can be tough sometimes, but apparently its a little different in other Aussie cities, and they aren’t always rooted to the floor anyway.

ND: What U.S. cities would you most prefer to play a show at?

PP: Hmm lots of them! I loved New York when I was there, as well as San Francisco.  I haven’t been to Miami but would love to come check it out.  Hook us up with a gig sometime!

ND: To be continued….

ND: List your favorite top three bands or songs from 2010.

PP: This is actually a tough one because sometimes when you are making music and working on loads of other stuff you lose track of what is ‘new’. So I guess the newer ones I’ve been digging are The XX, just really nice songs and vibe and I love the MPC for drummer. Neon Indian – apparently made that album stupidly quickly, which is pretty inspirational, and everything sounds crunchy and squelchy like it was found on a cassette tape at the bottom of a box somewhere, I like the fact that production is becoming as personal as the song writing these days. I also got a copy of Ariel Pink’s Haunted graffiti – Before Today, which is really out there, but very interesting.

ND: What label, management company, agency, or publisher really sticks out at you and why? (just one)

PP: Kitsune is probably the first label that springs to mind, they seem to come up time and again when I find a band I like.

ND: So, Adam does “vocals n stuff” and Gabe does “other stuff”. Could you please elaborate? I know I could easily find that info online but I would really love to hear it from you guys.

PP: Gabe does the large majority of the production on songs, I tend to write the lyrics perform and the vocals. When we are writing the songs sometimes its Gabe doing the music on his own, sometimes we bounce the ideas back and forth and add parts and change arrangements. Or sometimes jam on stuff together and get everything roughed out that way. For the live show, Gabe switches between keys, bass, guitar, talkbox and cowbell.  I play guitar and sing, trigger samples and fx. And we are lucky enough to have a singing drummer too.


Well there you go. Pretty cool sounding dudes after all. Now take a listen:


Polygon Palace – Tokyo Getaway (Original Mix) (alt link)
Polygon Palace – Tokyo Getaway (Tornado Wallace Remix) (alt link)
Polygon Palace – Tokyo Getaway (Cassian Remix) (alt link)
Purchase full EP

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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