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June 22, 2010

Pixeltan (Brooklyn) is Mita Yomeka (vocals/ keys), Devin Flynn (Bass / percussion), and  Hisham Akira Bharoocha (Drums / electronics / also played for Black Dice).  I’m not 100% sure about this, but according to several sources the band seems to have split up and gotten back together a million times (well not a million). I’ve also read a few articles mentioning different people begging them to reunite – there’s some nightdrive chisme for ya’ll. Whether it’s bullshit or semi-true, I’m glad they’re back. I originally remember the band from their Pixeltan EP (2002) off Troubleman Unlimited then I managed to get another one of their tracks Get Up / Say What off the DFA Compilation #2 a few years later, and after that scored a 12″ single circa 2004 (also DFA). Their latest comeback came about a few months ago with the release of their EP Yamarena-I, which is very easy to find on either iTunes or the DFA website. Also, check out their interview on ‘Sup Mag

If you like Turrety post-punk disco with a heavy Afro-funk influence, the DFA stamp of approval, and a chick sing-talking in foreign languages this band is for you.

Check it out:

Pixeltan – Yamarena-I (alt link)

Pixeltan – I Told You So (alt link)

Pixeltan – Get Up / Say What (alt link)

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