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June 20, 2010

Pollyester (from Munich) could be the love child byproduct of an orgy between Delta 5, Stereo Total, Glass Candy, and Prototypes. They’re in essence a garage post-punk band with hints of disco-wave, but they seem to consider themselves screamo 😉 “Polly Ester aka Polly Lapkovskaja (bass, vocals) is a musician at the Munich Chamber Theater, a member of the bands Kamerakino, The MiSHIMA and Convertible, and organizer of various club events (ZOMBOCOMBO; koshka valerianka). Drummer Yossarian (also vocals) alias Manuel da Coll has studied music and is also a member of labrassbanda. Together they play a sort of Dada-Funk with heavy bass and erratic vocals, influenced by funk and post-punk bands like Maximum Joy and ESG. They released their self-titled debut on the Japanese label star boze in 2008.”

They also recently released a new EP: German Love Letter off of Optimo/ Permanent Vacation plus contibuted vocals on Mock & Toof’s new album Farewell to Wendo. The German Love Letter EP is really awesome and far from their regular stuff. It features remixes by Optimo, Permanent Vacation, and Hal Tabac. Take a listen:


Pollyester – German Love Letter (Hal Tabac Mix) (alt link)

Pollyester – Kichi & Sada (alt link)

Pollyester – The Indian (Mock & Toof Remix) (alt link)

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