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Mickey Moonlight

June 18, 2010

Some of Mickey Moonlight’s songs remind me of a 1970s children’s television program while others would make the perfect soundtrack for a party in some 80s space station. There’s all kinds of distorted trippy sound effects, funky sax solos, vocoders, playful lyrics, and a pleasantly familiar disco beat.  I caught on to Moonlight back in 2008 when I heard his revamp of Sun-Ra’s Interplanetary Music (originally from Visits Planet Earth/ Intersteller Low Ways) – and it was instant love.  He’s one of the smoother Ed Banger babies who definitely gets an A for originality and for his kitschy taste.

Below are some previews of Moonlight’s new EP Love Pattern as well as a remix of his first single.


Mickey Moonlight – Pelu Tolo (alt link)

Mickey MoonlightLove Pattern (Isolee Remix) (alt link)

Mickey MoonlightInterplanetary Music (Riton’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Re-Rub) (alt link)

P.S. If you like the whole retro sci-fi vibe check out the flick Gentlemen Broncos


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