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Ess & Emm’s Spotlight on TMDP

June 18, 2010

To many, Canada will forever be the poster country for folk music, Nickelback, Celine Dion and Anne Murray. Alternatively, our friendly neighbors up north, are giving us more then just snowbirds during the Miami season. Who knew, that just the T-Dot alone, had so many bands and DJs that are worth flying down on a weekly basis. The Eh Team!, a Miami monthly party at Cafeina, inspired by Canadian electronic music, is put together by Super Market Creative & DJs Ess & Emm (Sasha Lauzon and Michelle Leshem, Canadian-Miamian transplants) who are continuously discovering fresh new music from their native land.

With Toronto’s burgeoning electronic music scene, one such discovery, are TMDP’s Jeffrey Addison and Gavin Rough. This collaborative electronic duo craft a melodic blend of disco and electro. They have been building buzz all year and have earned the credit for creating “seamless, catchy, crafted music”. Don’t call these guys DJs. They are more like production masters who re-create electronic music using their synthesizers and laptops with a sound they can call their own. Needless to say, they have already left an impression in Canada; their collection of songs, are not just dance songs, but music you can sit back and relax too day or night.

Have a listen:

TMDP – Montage (alt link)

TMDP – Fixed Wing (alt link)

TMDP – Balcone (alt link)

Posted by: Michelle Leshem

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