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June 17, 2010

Brothertiger is Ohio University student John Jagos. He makes wonderful Chillwave stuff that sounds like it could be coming from an underwater music box. There’s definitely some 70s soft rock and early 90s pop somewhere deep in there. Not much info is available on the guy despite being on Pitchfork’s forecast and several other blogs. Jagos was down enough to send us a bit more info on his whereabouts. I presume we’ll be hearing more of him in the near future.

Here’s what he has for us:

“I just released Wind at My Back about a week ago, and its getting pretty good publicity. As for what I’ve been doing recently, its nothing to exciting hehe. I’m moving to Brooklyn for the summer and I’m looking to do a couple shows there if possible. I’m also working on a few new songs right now that I’m pretty excited about. As for remixes, I just remixed a band from D.C. called Loose Lips. I’d definitely be interested in another chillwaver to remix one of my songs!”

MillionYoung where are you?


Brothertiger – Lovers (alt link)

Brothertiger – Wind at My Back (alt link)

Loose Lips – Happily Doomed (Brothertiger Remix) (alt link) **exclusive**


Happy High (Brothertiger Remix) – Blackbird Blackbird



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