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Amadou & Mariam Kick Off World Cup

June 11, 2010

In honor of the FIFA World Cup 2010 I thought it would be appropriate to blog about Amadou & Mariam, otherwise known as the blind couple from Mali. They were a huge success at the World Cup Kick Off Celebration Concert and were some of the most talented and relevant performers in the entire lineup. See the concert video below.

The couple met in the mid 1970s at an institute for blind people in Mali. Amadou got there during his teenage years while Mariam had been there since childhood. They eventually fell in love, married, and are now national stars in Africa and are kicking off one of the most exciting and unifying events in the world. Not only that, but their music is seriously special. Check it out for yourself.

This song is amazing:

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (alt link)

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Dakunt/Candongueiro Kuduro refix) (alt link)

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix) (alt link)

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Cinnamon Chasers remix) (alt link)

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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  1. June 12, 2010 5:09 am

    wew nice post srr

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