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So I’m Jo

June 9, 2010

I’m so glad to have found So I’m Jo on one of my cyber-journeys. The band hails from Sydney, Australia and claims to “make music with: keyboards, guitars, computers, and things we buy off ebay” – sounds promising. Glen Cassidy actually provides the vocals while Damon Cameron mans the instruments (though I think they both play the stuff they buy off ebay).

Anyway, I hate pigeon-holing bands so I’ll just list the genres they chose for themselves: Electronica, Disco House, and Electroacoustic. Throw some electro pop and nu disco in the mix and I think we may have got a description. They’re one of those really cool bands that actually let you download their entire EP (Entrevoir) for free so take advantage (see downloads below). When I asked them what they were up to lately they gave me really good news:

“We’re actually 3/4 through finishing our new EP…looking at a release around August…we’re very excited!”

So, am I – I hope they share that EP too seeing as I could probably listen to them in traffic all day. Here you go, enjoy and if you really like them you can purchase their music through iTunes and help support their future endeavors.


So I’m Jo – Entrevoir EP (<— click)

So I´m Jo – Entrevoir [MDF04] by modularfield

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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