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A Chat with (((RBTS WIN)))

June 3, 2010

Rbts Win

I recently sat down with Asheville, North Carolina beat makers RBTS WIN‘ for a little Q&A session. They are set to release a new full length entitled ‘Everything I Do Is Raining’, where if you ask me, is worthy of  a Pitchfork ‘Must Buy’ nod (not sure if that actually exists, it should though)! Hey Pitchfork, are you listening? The record should be ready in a couple of months but in the mean time you can download three exclusive tracks below. If you caught them during WMC back in March you’d know they have a killer (Live) show to boot so hopefully these guys make it back down here soon.


NIGHTDRIVE: How did you guys get started and how did you guys come up with the name RBTS WIN?

RBTS WIN: Javi (keys/percussion/vox) and I (Brien) teamed up about two years ago. RBTS WIN just started as a side project from the other bands we were involved with at the time. We just started recording more and soon enough the gigs started rolling in. That’s when we noticed people paying more and more attention and digging the sound. It just became more of a focused project for us. The name was just a play on the fact that we’d both been doing live band stuff and now we were doing solely electronic stuff. So….”RBTS WIN”.

ND: How would you guys describe your sound?

RW: I’d say we have a 3 part mixture to our sound… One part folk. One part Hip Hop and one part Indie rock. We’ve got such different taste in music as individuals that it makes for fun times in the writing process. We throw wrenches in each others gears if you will. We like to make our music sound dirty/tapey/vinyl-y and melodic. Are those words? They should be…

ND: What gear do you use? And explain a little bit about the recording process.

RW: We basically sample sounds onto samplers (MPC’s mostly) via records, guitar, drums or from wherever and create the blueprint for a song. Then we record out onto Protools and add layers using analogue synths (moog’s, juno, casios, old yamahas etc.) vocals and guitars.

ND:  Javi having lived in Miami, how would you compare it to Asheville and how has living there inspired you guys creatively?

RW: Asheville is extremely laid back and mountain air is easier to breath. The hottest days of summer here are still cool in the shade. The city here is small but has a good amount of art and music culture which has helped me grow a lot as an artist in the last four years. More and more amazing bands are coming through Asheville.  I do miss tropical living though and I’m very proud of all the art and music going on in Miami so I try to come down at least 2-3 times per year for family and playing shows.

ND: Who have you guys worked with in the past and who would you love to work with today, given the chance?

RW: We’ve done some amazing shows with great bands. Black Moth Super Rainbow, Prefuse 73, MillionYoung, The Sounds. We’d love to do something with Washed out. We’re driven by what he is doing at the moment. Very neat stuff.

ND: What have been the most memorable shows you guys have been a part of? Any wild and crazy memories?

RW: Ahh, opening up for Nite Jewel & Tanlines for this past Winter Music Conference was amazing! I’d say by far this show is standing out to us. It was just a good vibe from beginning to end. Low stress which is always a blessing in show situations. Also we recently played the first ever Total Bummer Fest in Gainesville, FL. So many talented bands! It was very inspiring to be there. Memories of amazing bands are lasting. Levek, Sleep Over, Rabbit Punch, Michael Paralax, Prince-o-Rama

ND: What are your expectations for the new record and what can we expect?

RW: We have very high expectations for this record as we’ve re-written it about 3 times now. It is finally at a place we are all content. You can expect emotion. Happy/Sad…All of it. this record means a lot to us. And you can probably go ahead and get ready to dance to it while you are at it.

ND: Any plans for a new tour and or any one off shows in the near future?

RW: We are planning a small run soon. Mostly south/east. Always down to play MIA! We love it so much there. So I’m sure we’ll be back very soon.

From the up-coming album Everything I Do Is Raining’


RBTS WIN – Spirits In The Sky

RBTS WIN – We Weather Together

RBTS WIN – You Come Around

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