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Belle Epoque & Barrabas

June 2, 2010

Edwin Adams and Terence Tabeau are two of our local crate-diggers and long-time vinyl collectors.  These two will be regularly posting throw-back gems for your downloading pleasure, because Nightdrive is about good music, not just the latest music.

Belle Époque were a french disco-pop group of the 70’s. They had a big U.S. hit with Miss Broadway which Glass Candy recently covered. This cut is off their 1977 Miss Broadway LP. Lead singer Evelyne Lenton delivers her signature raspy vocal atop equally raspy guitar parts. Soulful European disco-rock.

Belle Epoque- Me and You

Barrabas are a jazz and disco influenced rock band from Spain. Formed in the late 60’s they produced a number of absolute essential singles including “Woman”, “Wild Safari” and in the early 80’s “On the Road Again”. This cut is off their 1975 LP Heart Of The City. It was also released as a single 12′ single (one of the 1st 12′ singles ever).  For us this is a could be considered a good example of the Euro “Balearic” sound rooted in the New York underground of the 70’s. Slow grooving, atmospheric club funk.

Barrabas- Mellow Blow


This is one of favorite tracks of the moment. Nearly nine minutes in length it just takes over the space it’s played. As a DJ I try to create an atmosphere when I spin and not just play records. This is one of those tracks that gets me to where I want to be.

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