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A Mountain of Awesome.

May 29, 2010

I’ve always thought folk and dance music should have an arranged marriage at some point.  It would be mutually beneficial, combining the soul and lyrical integrity of folk with the movement and beat of disco.  If I had learned that damned production software, the first remix I’d have attempted would have been a balearic version of Fleet Fox‘s Mykonos. I thought it would be original, but alas, I bumped into A Mountain of One.

A Mountain of One is Zeben Jameson and Mo Morris working out of London.  They started with a couple of EPs that are a bit hard to come by, and later combined them into a pseudo-album titled Collected Works in 2007. Their first album, Institute of Joy, dropped in 2009 with rave reviews.

Think Pink Floyd meets Studio with a heavy dose of Krautrock.  They have everything you need, from ambient synth work to whining guitar solos, chugging acoustic strumming and that ever-steady kick that sets the pace… utterly satisfying.  While you enjoy these tracks, I’ll be pondering a new original disco-fused genre.  Any ideas?

A Mountain of One- Bones (Way of the Ancients Remix)

A Mountain of One- Ride (Time & Space Machine Mix)

Fontän- Early Morning (Sun Up Rework by A Mountain of One)

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