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May 26, 2010

That’s right kids. Time to get worldly. So I was feeling pretty bummed that I hadn’t discovered a cool band out of my four month stay in the Czech Republic  to introduce to Miami. Before my last two weeks in the country were up, I went to the FM Belfast show in Prague, which was by far the most fun I had at a show in Europe. (I got to see Hot Chip in England, Vampire Weekend in France, The Subways in Prague)

Before the FM Belfast show, I heard that a Czech duo would be the opening act for Belfast. I had never heard music that could be compatible with FM Belfast come out of Prague before so I was quite the skeptic. However, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Married couple Barbora and Jan are known as Dva– and from the little Czech I know, “dva” means two. It’s appropriate and simple- on their MySpace page they eliminate names, calling themselves “she” and “he”. On stage, He- wore socks with sandals, as many Czechs do, and She- wore a polkadot dress with jeans underneath. He stayed seated, playing an acoustic guitar and she danced around on stage and had a different instrument in her hands every five minutes. I was especially partial to the sax playing. But don’t be surprised if they subtract an instrument and mimic it with their mouths as most of their songs work off a loop of sounds they make themselves. Sometimes I don’t know if they are speaking Czech or just making up words but it creates a sound that’s catchy and you won’t mind hearing more than once. It’s experimental music at its finest but its earthy and raw- and no shit it’s creative. So na zdraví and enjoy the tunes.

Their two albums Kollektt 8 and Fonok are available for sale on their MySpace


DVA – Nunovo Tango

DVA – Kisma Ajoas


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