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安田寿之 (Toshiyuki Yasuda)

May 26, 2010

If you’ve been a fan of electronica since the early 90s you’ve definitely heard Toshiyuki Yasuda before even though you may not realize it. A few basic facts to bring you up to speed: he’s from Japan, he does just about anything creative regarding music (composer, arranger, producer,  he even sings robotic Brazilian tunes) plus he seems like a really nice guy (based on our email correspondence). He started with Fantastic Plastic Machine in ’94 during his college years and has since collaborated with and composed music for Pizzicato Five, Towa Tei, Isabelle Antena, Montag, Digiki, Little Nobody, Pecombo and two of my personal favs – Combustible Edison and Señor Coconut.

Yasuda’s music has been categorized as Japanese IDM,  Shibuya-Kei, Jazztronica, or experimental electronica but truth be told, it doesn’t fit in any particular box. Yasuda samples so many genres and amalgamates such different styles of music that he should have his own brand, make, and model. Actually, he does – Megadolly Label, established in 2003.  He says “The reason why I’m doing genre-less style is that I like various kinds of music at first. But the true/core reason is that I want to be a social hub in music scenes that connects interesting musicians/persons.”

I asked Toshiyuki Yasuda  my usual “what are you up to?” question and he sent back some very exciting bullet points:

My few latest news:

– Released a soundtrack album “STRANGERS (Soundtracks for Digi+Kishin, Vol. 2)
– Released a remix album “RENIX
– Collaborating with Señor Coconut

Well alright!!! Now enjoy some of his recent tracks:

Toshiyuki Yasuda – Visc
Toshiyuki Yasuda – Desgouster
Toshiyuki Yasuda  – Tolo Típico (Los Recyclers’ Apagon Remix)

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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