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May 25, 2010

Catcall or Catherine Kelleher hails from the land down under. She’s also known as the lead singer of the Sydney based punk group Kiosk. Her success and popularity seems to have come from providing tour support for bands like The Gossip, Crystal Castles, Phoenix, Yacht, Panther, Telepathe, Architecture in Helsinki, and La Roux.

If you like Fever Ray, Gina X, and Silicon Sole, The Emergency’s remix of her song August may be right up you alley. I’m not saying that Catcall is anywhere close to Karin Dreijer Andersson, Gina Kikoine, Jolly 3, or O Zone – actually far from, but I would definitely play this track as a darkwave followup to Triangle Walks or No More G.D.M.. Her regular stuff sounds more like a really ambitious take on M.I.A. or Santogold. I guess I’m not a huge fan, but I thought this particular remix (although a bit old) was worth sharing.

Catcall – August (The Emergency remix)

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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