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Mimosa Anyone?

May 23, 2010

The onslaught of dubstep producers coming out of the woodwork in the past year has been daunting. Everyone wants a piece of the dubstep pie, some very prolific, others shamefully generic.  What I find exciting is the plethora of sub-genres that have emerged.  As usual, the defining lines are fuzzy as hell with all sorts of funny names thrown around.  I’ve heard gorestep, sexystep, deepstep, dubhop, glitchstep, tribal dubstep and the list goes on. What I appreciate is any attempt to push a genre to its limits, infusing it with other genres and creating something interesting and original.

Mimosa lies somewhere in the glitch/dubhop arena.  I’ve seen it referred to as “chillstep,” which is appropriate because it’s exactly what I feel like doing when I hear it.  You won’t find any epic build-ups or giant bass drops here.  Instead you’ll hear soft synths ebbing and flowing in the background, traditional dub bass lines and muted echoey melodies.  Mimosa’s styling range from track to track changing in tempo and “dirtiness” but all well-executed.  “Kinetic” displays his hip-hop influence setting the pace at 100 bpms and maintaining a steady bass groove with your wobbles on the upbeat and a few vocal samples thrown in.  “Keys to the City” is a more downtempo beat with a more crunk influence and an amazing handclap that strangely reminds me of my favorite balearic disco jams.

Mimosa- Kinetic
Mimosa- Keys to the City

Thanks to Winnie Cooper and Lost In Sound for the tip!

Posted by Patrick

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  1. Gia permalink
    May 23, 2010 1:10 am

    A musician named after one of my favorite drinks is always good in my book. Add talent, ooof!

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