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May 6, 2010

Each FUR song is a small adventure. I’ve gone to the coolest places in my mind while listening to this band- Epcot Center in the 80s, beaches where everything moves in slow motion, even the bottom of a murky pond. This is definitely something different and right in time for a hot and lazy Miami summer.

FUR (aka Bryce Isbell) was raised in Denver, CO and Orange County, CA. Isbell is currently based out of Denton, Texas. Witches was Isbell’s third release under the moniker FUR, 52nd release in general. FUR’s sound has been described as “like nothing else I’ve ever listened to,” “mutant tapeloop disco,” “trippy,” “ethereal and psychedelic electronic music,” “beyond beautiful,” and “hauntological.”

NIGHTDRIVE asks Bryce what FUR is up to lately:

“Gray St. Germain Gideon (previously of Ghosthustler) recently joined FUR” says Isbell, “And we are working on an upcoming ep that you can expect to hear later this summer. It’s going to be microhouse meets funk meets wonky meets west coast hip hop meets leftfield beats…it’s gonna be a journey of sound. I’m excited to release it.”

We’re excited to hear it 😉


FUR – Clears Throat (off Lackadaisical EP – which is a Split EP with Detroit artist, Coyote Clean Up)

FUR – Haunted (off Witches)

FUR – Black Castles (Features Alan Palomo of Neon Indian)

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)

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