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Kabuki Iron Kolors

May 5, 2010

The Story: Kabuki Iron Kolors is a time traveling, space hopping wizard, who now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Before beginning his

training with Master Lukumei (a powerful space-sorcerer from Mt. Fuji) he was known as the “Cosmo Head” – Japan’s most notorious and feared jazz head. After a Showdown on Mt. Fuji, in which the Shogun de-molecularized Lukumei to another dimension, the “Cosmo Head” and Lukumei’s daughter Aiko were sent to a far away land, in another time by the powers of Lukumei’s magic box. Listen to Kabuki Iron Kolors’ Story Hour Tapes Episode: 0 “The Great Swinging Cosmo Head” for more. Listen in as he travels through time, burning Ls with history’s greatest and battling the evil powers of the universe while trying to find a portal that can transport him to another dimension in search of Master Lukumei.

RYAN De GRANDY aka KABUKI IRON KOLORS is heading back to Brooklyn, NY after a brief stint in Miami. So we’re afraid the time has come to say our goodbyes… Although it’s not forever we shall miss him and his talented mind/music! This kid has been a part of Miami’s

music scene for years now and has significantly contributed his talents to everything he’s been a part of. This is why we think it’s important to check him out one last time before he goes!!!

Tuesday May 11th KABUKI IRON KOLORS last Miami performance before heading back to the big apple! Joining Kabuki on stage will be a hand picked ensemble of fellow musicians aiding him in the nights performance! Taking place @ BAR (28 NE 14 ST.) Downtown Miami.

Also Performing Live:
– Rashied Tali and His Technicolor Dynasty
– Odd Gods
– Jesp Junior
– Psychic Mirrors

DJs: Team Rojas & Stevezy

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