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Body Language Interview

May 4, 2010

Brooklyn based Body Language is a collaboration between Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, and Angelica Bess. They’ve played with bands such as Passion Pit, School of Seven Bells, Zero 7, Theophilus London, We Have Band, Ninjasonik & Jimmy Edgar and have remixed and been remixed by Toro y Moi, Marina and the Diamonds and Alaska in Winter, amongst others. Their cover of Detroit Grand Pubah’s Sandwiches is sensational and truly demonstrative of the group’s laid back electronic styling and mastery of this music genre.

Although everyone interested in non-intrusive electronic music should know about them, Body Language can be a bit tricky to look up on-line. Google searches will result in instructions on how to improve your social skills by reading peoples facial expressions. So, we figured we’d go straight to the source for the “Body Language” lowdown.

Here’s what Body Language had to say:

NIGHTDRIVE- How did you all meet and get the band started?

Body Language – Matt and I (Grant) have been working together on various projects for 8 years now. We met as college freshmen, and started working on a project called Landau which released IDM tracks on Merck Records. In 2007, we started spinning a weekly party at a little dive bar called Vegas BLVD which picked up quite a bit of steam. We started making remixes of early 90’s pop tunes to spin at the party and got bit by the dance bug. Soon enough, we started composing originals alongside Angelica and started spinning those as well. Once we moved to Brooklyn, we met Ian Chang by working together as a backing band for Theophilus London.

ND- How did you guys decide on the name Body Language? How did that name come up in the first place?

BL- There was never a Eureka moment that sparked the name. Matt came up with it, and it just made sense with our performances which we could definitely describe as ‘kinetic’. It has to do with everyone speaking out non-verbally, the performers and the audience, moving with little forethought, all instinct.

ND- Can you tell us about any strange or memorable experiences at any of the shows you’ve played? What city has had the most receptive audience?

BL- Chicago @ The Metro w/ Zero7 was a memorable one, we just got to play for a packed sweaty room full of very enthusiastic people. Matt gave a heartfelt monologue before “Work this City” about Chicago House being a big influence and everyone felt it – and the room cordially responded by jackin the house!

ND- What do you guys have planned as far as tours, new releases, remixes?

BL- Well, we’ve wrapped up an 8-track demo before our tour. There is a big difference in the presence and focus of the vocals and vocal harmonies and also the song writing has evolved into more pop-oriented song forms. As a common thread, we’ve carried over the attention to drum/texture programming, electro-acoustic intricacies and synth work.
Our friends at Big Stereo are hosting a Body Language Remix Contest for the best version of “Work This City”. Visit Big Stereo for more info.

Posted by: Laura Sutnick (L of M)


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