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July 13, 2012





July 11, 2012


It’s been a while since we’ve actually post about Rayko, even though we’ve mentioned him numerous times and he produces some of the best edits out there.  This guy is an edit machine.  If you visit his Soundcloud, you’ll see and endless stream of rarities given his magic touch-up.  That’s why we’re super excited to host him all the way from Madrid, Spain on Thursday (tomorrow) for our blog re-launch party at The Electric Pickle.


That’s right folks! If you haven’t heard, this blog will have a new, sleeker and more user-friendly look to it come Thursday.  This may very well be the last post you see with the old format.  Big thanks to Kent Hernandez who has labored long and hard to give Nightdrive a fresher look.
Now enjoy these nasty edits while you warm up for tomorrow!


Personal Jesus (Rayko edit)
Friday 13th (Rayko Spooky edit)
Superman (Rayko Super Gargamel edit)


July 7, 2012

MyKill  is a DJ and producer based in San Francisco with more than a decade behind the decks and refreshing new tracks guaranteed to quench your melodic summer thirst. MyKill first began bouncing around in different bands and collecting records before he started to make his own music. He recently signed with Solid Bump Records and to date has released “Love Story” on Pleasure & Pressure Vol 2, In These Arms EP in collaboration with Meroz, as well as various singles and remixes of artists including Fun, Ghosts of Venice and more.

MyKill is known for his funky, filtered house sound, however, admits to being ‘at a point of discovery [with] a lot of experimenting going on.” Stay tuned for a new remix of Young Digerati to be released next week and enjoy this animated video by CKHMOD of Midi Matilda’s ‘Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)’ in the meantime to tide you over.

MyKill – Falling

Mykill & Meroz – In These Arms

Mykill – Love Kills

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July 6, 2012

Here’s a great promo I just found in my inbox today. The EP titled Danza is a refreshing take on Balearic disco/ electronica. I can’t find a mp3 purchase link for you guys yet but it is available on vinyl  Lot’s of cool shit coming out of Spain!


Aster is the brainchild of Jami Bassols aka JMII and Pedro Rufí aka Pettre, two young barcelonian
producers with a shared love for classic house, cosmic music and analog machinery. Whether
co-starring in the first Nit D’Hivern 7”, remixing Kresy or as part of “Jacking Tapes Vol.1”,
the duo’s productions are already a staple of the Hivern catalogue. Despite that, “Danza” is
their fully-own debut in the label. The four-track EP is both an introduction to their enthralling
sonic vision and the opening release of a 12” trilogy that will be completed in the following

Aster – Assis (Original Mix)


Radio Nightdrive 7.5.12

July 5, 2012


How to Tune In:

Stream from your iTunes or iPhone  via:
For Android – download the free Tune In Radio app and just search for Wynwood Radio.
Or just head over to and take a pick from the streaming option buttons

Patrick’s Picks:

LTJ- Ain’t Nothing But A Groove
Dionigi- China Jon (Dionigi & Baldelli Tribute remix)
Drop Out Orchestra- The Swedish Taboo
Lazercat/Audit- Catnip (Irregular Disco Workers remix)
Djuma Soundsystem & Kolombo- Cherimoya
Secret Circuit- Jungle Dogs (Tiago remix)
The Legendary 1979 Orchestra- Burning (Oh Baby)
Nelue/DJ Steef- You Got Me Working (NELUE rework)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- How Long (Disco Tech edit)

Laura’s half:

Invocation  –  Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos
10  –  jj
lgoyh  –  Kwes.
Night Ride  –  Midnight Runners
Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert)  –  Tomas Barfod
Good Intentions (Album Mix) –   Session Victim
Paradisco (Francophilippe Remix)   – Charlotte Gainsbourg
Forget About You feat. Lee Fields (Max Sedgley Remix)  –  Kraak & Smaak
The Loon’s Groove  –  Smallpeople
The Energy Story (DVAS Remix)  –  College


July 5, 2012

Let’s talk house, more specifically deep house. It’s a kind of music that prides itself on evolving melodies and a subtleness that leave you feeling downright sexy as you sway back and forth to its intrinsic sensuality. We got some boys over in Hamburg that are doing it right and they’re called Smallpeople. Consisting of Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld (AKA Dionne), the duo are owners of the Smallville Records label and record store. Smallville has been making a name for itself as one of the most premiere deep house imprints with diverse releases from artists like STL, Thomas Melchior, and Move D. I digress, let’s pivot back to the subjects at hand.

Smallpeople are disappointing nobody with their sumptuous debut full-length, Salty Days. The LP is extremely deep with an epicurean kind of sound that for some might be a little too chill but for the attentive listener is a treat of quirky samples and dreamy synths. You will find yourself blissed out as you aurally roam through this expertly crafted “head nodding-music”. I would give the whole album a listen to as each track is a journey within itself (most tracks clock in at over 7 minutes long). For those of you who are not disposed with free time here are some of my favorites, one of which I know bird lovers (ie Laura of Miami) are going to LOOOOOOVE 😉

Smallpeople – Move With Your Vision

Smallpeople – The Loon’s Groove

By Laurence “Pucho” Henriquez

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, & The Congos

July 3, 2012

Here’s a tremendous collaboration brought to you by RVNG Intl. Remember The Congo’s? Legendary 70s Black Ark reggae band that worked a lot with Mr Lee Scratch Perry? Well they’ve been matched up with younglings Sun Araw (or Cameron Stallones) and M. Geddes Gengras another cassette music commandant to bring you a glorious 7 track lo-fi dub EP. The guys traveled to Jamaica where they spend some time recording this with the Congo gang… the result is perfect for this weeks pool parties and bbqs.


Buy the album




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